Auto Mouse Click

A Simple and Easy to use Windows Automation Tool titled Auto Mouse Click. Yes apart from Mouse Clicking this Windows Automation Tool can do lots of other Windows Automation Tasks. This Website provides Screenshots, Tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and the Auto Mouse Click Download Link to get you Started with Windows Automation as fast as possible.

Screenshot of Auto Mouse Click Software

Download Auto Mouse Click Software

Download and try out this Auto Mouse Click Software on your Windows Computer. This Windows Automation Tool works fine on 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows. The Software is compatible with almost all latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even with Windows Vista.

Automated Mouse Clicking, Keyboard Key Pressing, Starting Application, Opening Websites and lots more can be done with the help of this Windows Automation Tool. Screenshot of the Software displays list of Actions which can be Automated with Auto Mouse Click. This Windows Automation Tool is provided on a Free to Download and try Basis. Once you have fully evaluated the free trial version of the software, you can Unlock the Trial Limitation by paying in a One Time Registration Fees of $9.90 only.

What can be Automated with this Windows Automation Tool ?

The given below list of Features offers a Glimpse of what all can be done with this Windows Automation Utility. Yes More features are continously being added as per feedback received. In case you would like to make a suggestion, please do send an email to

Assistive Features of Auto Mouse Click

Screenshot of Right Click Menu on the Script Editor Window

Apart from above listed features there are other Assistive Features which make using Auto Mouse Click Really Easy. Given below are Extra Features which allow you to Manage Single or Multiple Scripts easily.

Other Features of Auto Mouse Click

The System Menu offers extra features in the Auto Mouse Click Utility. It can be launched by Clicking on the Top Left corner of the software. You can Alternatively open the System Menu by pressing Alt + Spacebar. There is another Shortcut Menu in Auto Mouse Click which can be launched by doing a Middle Mouse Click on the Software.

System Menu Offering Extra Features in Auto Mouse Click

Video Tutorials of Auto Mouse Click Software

When using the Auto Mouse Click Software, you do have access to Video Tutorials from within the software itself. All the Video Tutorials are provided in .wmv File Format which can be played in Windows Media Player or any other Video Player.

More Information about Auto Mouse Click Utility

The Information provided above provides you ways to Automate your Windows Tasks. As the Automation Supported by Auto Mouse Click is done with the help of Mouse Clicking, Keyboard Key Pressing, etc, you can Automate almost any Graphical User Interface on your Windows Computer. You can also visit the Auto Mouse Click Software home to know more about it.

Whether you wish need Mouse Clicking Assistance in a Game, need help with Pressing single or Multiple Keys in a MMORPG Game or you wish to Automate a Long Repetitive Task, give a try to this Windows Automation Tool and hopefully it would of help. All you need to Automate your Repetitive Task is to Plan appropriately and use this Auto Mouse Click Application to assist you in doing repetitive tasks.